Getting Started With WP-CLI @ WordCamp Nagpur 2017

Lately have been extensively using WP-CLI in my workflow. WordCamp Nagpur gaved me the opportunity to share my experience & learning.

WP-CLI is a powerful tool which can help in managing WordPress like a ninja. It is an indispensable tool for advanced to starter developers alike who like to be in control and believe in reducing dependencies on different tools and plugins. The workshop intends to introduce you to WP-CLI and its power. Talk / Workshop shed light on resources to learn & use WP-CLI To perform day to day task with ease.

Covered following

  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Introduction to WP-CLI
  • Getting started with WP-CLI
  • How to perform most common tasks with WP-CLI
    • Installing & Managing WordPress
    • Installing & Managing Themes
    • Installing & Managing Plugins
    • Managing Post & Terms
    • Managing Media / Images
    • Performing Database Operations
    • Importing & Exporting Content
    • Search Replace paths/strings in database
    • Generating Common Code
    • WordPress Shell
  • How to further explore WP-CLI and learn it yourself

More Info

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