Being WordPress Power User @ WordCamp Kanpur 2017 Contributors Day

Had to cancel the talk for main event as my travel plan was dicey due to work commitment & delivers. Co-ordinated with the organizing team about the same and “Anjali Rastogi ” covered awesome topics “Living by ‘Blogging’ and ‘Digital Marketing’: The WordPress Way”. Managed to complete all the work commitments and  reached kanpur day prior to meet the gang “Hardeep Asrani, Rohit Motwani & Suyogya Shukla”.  Hardeep gave me an opportunity to speak at contributors day which was scheduled one day prior to WordCamp.

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Lot of people believe that WordPress is not secure, it hampers scalability, it’s slow, but in reality it is engineered to adapt to almost every scenario that it is put through. This adaption might not be optimum but it surely is awesome.

It is very easy to take control of WordPress and bust these myths. An efficient WordPress developer knows the importance of low level access to server which helps her/him tune it to get optimum performance and security from WordPress.

Apart from control of server, a perfect blend of developing and re-using the functionalities lets you control WordPress like a boss.

Shared the tips and tricks in my toolbox that i use everyday to streamline and speedup WordPress development for various projects.

Talked about importance of using git control, ssh for server access, custom taxonomies, custom post-types and custom queries.

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