Solving Problems

Hi, I am Ajit Bohra, Founder & Fullstack Developer at LUBUS.  People call me a tech geek, fitness enthusiast, wannabe Super Randonneur. I call myself a humble guy tapping my keyboard, writing custom WordPress implementations for my clients in India & Abroad.

With an experience of over 10 years I have worked on projects ranging from simple CMS websites to complex management systems. I run a boutique agency out of a corner of Mumbai called “LUBUS”. As an active member of local WordPress community, i love to organize dev meetups & speak at WordCamps. When i am not occupied with WordPress stuff, I explore the nature on my bicycle or by running. I love tossing my salads.

Fun Facts:

  • Accountant turned Developer
  • Have build “Lead Management System” & “Artist Onboarding System For Digital Store” on top of WordPress
  • Developed “GYMIE”  Gym & Club Management System” using laravel
  • Developed “XENIO” Backoffice automation system for Wholesale Debt Market(WDM)” using ASP.NET MVC
  • Randonneur - long-distance cyclist
  • Love flaunting beard 😀
  • Can hack kitchen and cook without any recipes 🙂
  • Love to write short pieces & random thoughts soon to be published soon here KuchKhayal
  • Speaker come stand-up, why be boring 😉

Currently working on interesting WordPress & Laravel product(s). Stay tuned & sign-up for newsletter to hear more from me 🙂