Introduction To Plugin Development @ Mumbai WordPress Meetup

My first experience speaking at Mumbai WordPress meetup group. My workflow involves frequently making site specific plugin(s) for various client projects & across years have explored lot about WordPress plugin development. This talked highlighted things i consider and use while developing plugins.

Meetup was for budding Developers who want to get started with WordPress Development.

Covered Following

  • What is a plugin? : Introduction to what are plugins & what are different types of plugin
  • Selecting license: Choosing right license for the plugin
  • Setting development environment: Tools for getting started
  • Getting started: Planning development & execution
  • Learning resources & references: How to explore and learn things from official developer handbook and some links
  • Run-through of various components of plugin development: quick overview of items from developer handbook
  • Submitting the plugin to WordPress plugin directory

More Info


Its was great experience sharing the learnings with other budding developers. Best part of local meetups is connecting with attendees discussing about various questions & doubts. Looking forward to share learning & experience i have  gained.

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