Time To Pull Out That Old Notebook

When did it start?

I don’t remember exactly when I started writing those short pieces, maybe when I was around 12-14 or 8th grade. Till date, hardly few people know about it as it was hidden in the notebooks which no one knew. It has been my random thoughts, flowing across various emotions finding its way to paper. It has been like write it down, hide it or throw it as deep down I felt its bad very bad.


As a kid in fact as a grown-up adult I have been shy  / introvert & past few years have been trying to overcome it.  Though many people will find me talking a lot but hardly know the real me, even my closed ones might not know whats going on deep down in my heart and my mind. Paper and pen have been my friend all these years.

The Try!

Lately, I have been migrating all those random write-ups from paper to the digital medium. Shared few of the pieces with my closed ones. Some loved it, some even liked it and some ended up laughing and some be like what the fuck. The idea of putting it up in public was dropped as I felt its disaster & went back to writing & hiding them.

Encouragement & Inspiration

While being part of local cycling group “MBCC - Mira Bhayander Cycling Club” met many amazing people & Tina Thakur. She is inspiring strong women, an artist, Indori & mother of a lovely daughter. Don’t know what made her discover I write and she asked me, shared few of them with her. Post that she was mentally tortured as all freshly baked torcher use to land on her WhatsApp at random hours and that continues to date.  She encouraged and inspired me to write and share.

Giving a face to it

All this gave birth to project “KuchKhayal” to spread the torcher of words to the world. One fine day I happened to discuss this with my friend a.k.a Moye Sakhi Sudesna Banerjee. She is a digital marketer, bong, nail paint lover & mandala artist. Asked her to design something for the project “KuchKhayal” with a typical client like briefing make something good, was amazing & blown by seeing the artwork can’t thank her in words. My friend Jayman Pandya is helping me vectorize the artwork. He is passionate UI/UX designer, car lover, gujju & man with great marketing skill.

Quick shout out if you need help with digital marketing or illustration I recommend Sudesna Banerjee. If you need help with UI/UX I recommend Jayman Pandya.

The plan

Hoping to compile them and put up as PDF/ebook once I have enough good material for mental molestation.  Would be sharing them here with short backstory on how it was conceived along with translation to English & Hindi in English as it would be primary in Hindi. Let see how things pan out, for now, all get posted here.

Helping hands

I guess with this will trouble few of my close friends for help they don’t even know. Nidhi Jain for proofreading Hindi content along with English translations & Pravin Prajapati for proofreading before anything goes live.

Blame it on them

Be ready for the torcher of words & mental molestation.  If you wondering why & wanting to kill me then let me tell you Zakir Khan & RJ Vashishth have inspired me so you can find them & kill them hahaha. Apart from standup Zakir is a good writer & I love to listen to him. Lately, have been following Vashishth’s youtube channel.


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