Gutenberg Calls For Collaboration And Co-Creation

The most common thing these days in WordPress ecosystem is everybody is chanting “Gutenberg”, be it developers, agencies or users. Everybody is preparing for the new block based experience. It is no denying fact that this has also triggered new opportunities. People out there have already started working on new opportunities.  One common trend we will see soon is the remake of existing plugins with Gutenberg support or flooding WordPress repo with similar kind of plugins/blocks. Nothing wrong with that 🙂 ,  but what if we can help other fellow developers who have already build it and need support to make it Gutenberg ready!

Will it be safe to update to new WordPress with blocks?

We can safely say this is the most common concern among users. Now let’s pause for a moment and think approx 30% of internet websites are powered by WordPress & plugin repo host 54,144 plugins (as of the writing of this post). Many of these websites are using these plugins. Big players will definitely upgrade and support new WordPress block based experience. But many of the plugin authors may not be able to support new changes which will lead to repo being slowly stacked with them and users worrying, that’s not good!

Let’s Do it the WordPress way!

WordPress would not have been what it is today without collaboration & co-creation. We can pick on the same & rather than re-creating we can collaborate with the fellow developers and co-create. This will help in the smooth transition when new WordPress rolls out.

But why?

It’s practical to think why you should invest your time in it, rather than creating your own things. No this is not about stopping you from creating new things or help someone else. But by doing this you will only help yourself. Let me share some of the benefits:

  • This will help you with learning, improving & implementing new Gutenberg block experience
  • You get active user base to validate & improve your learnings
  • Plugin will support classic editor and Gutenberg both
  • You will make yourself Gutenberg ready to create new exciting things
  • Having more compatible plugins in repo means more and more users upgrade to latest version and this adoption will help
  • Last but not the least you will get lots of love from the community
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If you think this is not practical or who would do this, let me share the recent co-creation. One of my friend from WordCamps collaborated with the plugin developer of “Awesome Click To Tweet” to help him make plugin Gutenberg ready.

Taking inspiration from this I started adding Gutenberg support to “Better click to tweet” plugin which I am personally using on this blog. Also pushed some code improvement to code  “Awesome Click To Tweet”. There are few more plugins on my list I am planning to add Gutenberg support.

Hardeep and I are further working on polishing the implementation.

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The official way

I wish there was some official way on plugin repo that can encourage collaboration. Something easy which indicates if plugin developer is open or maybe we can use the abandon plugin trick by tagging the plugin “Looking for Collaboration, Gutenberg Ready, Gutenberg Work In Progress” just random thoughts.

For the future

If you want to polish your skill for future changes and also make WordPress ready for the new change, start collaborating 🙂


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