Tools Of Trade For WordPress Developer @ WordCamp Nashik 2017

WordCamp Nashik 2017 was really special to me as for me all the WordCamp madness started with WordCamp Nashik 2016. It was more of celebrating my year around WordCamp and community. Also, on the same day I co-conducted workshop on “Manage WordPress Easily With WP-CLI”..

Imagine an artist without a brush & a warrior without weapons! WordPress developer too need tools to craft code which looks & runs well. It’s common today to see some dev being obsessed with certain tools and some simply use none. The talk highlighted few tools & libraries that can help developers effectively craft their code.

Covered Following

  • Version Control
  • VVV / VV
  • Atom / Sublime
  • Linters
  • Gulp
  • WP-CLI
  • OhMyZsh (Linux & Mac)

More Info

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